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Clickcool is a web platform for publishing commercials and Digital Marketing services.

Clickcool targets small and medium companies, and proposes two main activities: a company directory for dedicated to professionals and a web communication agency with a wide range of professional services.

Head-Quarter is located in Lausanne (Switzerland), the place where Clickcool was founded. In 2016, Clickcool has enlarged its activities by founding another company in Romania.

The company succeeded to built strong relationships with several partners, due to its unic concept which efficiently combines Marketing services with a web platform for publishing multilingual commercials, hence succeeding in creating a synergy that includes a natural « SEO » indexation.

The marketplace is very innovative and it includes a wilde network community that gathers services providers, buyers and important sellers.

Clickcool groups on a single platform several useful instruments and functions that allow companies to develop their activity by using adequate marketing, advertising and communication services. The Clickcool interface is easy to use, intuitive and economic

Clickcool proposes customised services through the « Click-Corporate » department. This is a service dedicated to professionals and companies , for managing the Marketing and Communication strategy, in order to gain online traffic.

Our services are customized to your specific activity and to your objectives.
We offer your permanent support in creating communication campaigns, both online and offline, and we optimize your visibility on search engines through a strategy and a concept targeted on key-words relevant for your business line.

Clickcool centralises several functions and offers you the possibility to administrate your entire marketing and communication strategy through just one point of contact.

You can benefit of our constant and fully support from the very beginning of your business plan elaboration, to the implementation and project launching.

Clients are looking for you, and we work so they can find you! .

We are above all a team composed with passionated persons, curious and creative. The company has a human size and our engagements are always driven by understanding and professionalism in all of our selected areas of expertise, but above all, we are a passionate, curious and creative team. Clickcool is defined by ethical and healthy values, as well as by multidisciplinary talents.



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